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6.00 p.m.
Egyptian Jeanne d Arc, Documentary
FilmInitiativ Köln e.V & LaDOC Dokumentarfilm-Frauen-Netzwerk Köln will show in cooperation with Deutsch-Ägyptische Gesellschaft Köln e.V. at the 15. Africa Filmfestival:
Regie: Iman Kamel; Ägypten 2016;
OF m. engl. UT; 85 min.
Venue: Filmforum
Museum Ludwig
50667 Köln
Fee: Euro 7,-; Euro 5,- (reduced)

10.00 p.m.
FilmInitiativ Köln e.V will show in cooperation with Deutsch-Ägyptische Gesellschaft Köln e.V. at the 15. Africa Filmfestival:
Regie: Sherif El Bendary; Ägypten 2016;
OF m. engl. UT; 98 min.
Venue: Filmforum
Museum Ludwig
Fee: Euro 7,-; Euro 5,- (reduced)
50667 Köln

15.07.2017 - 15.10.2017
Rupture, War and Surrealism in Egypt (1938 – 1948)
This is the first comprehensive museum exhibition about the largely forgotten Cairo based group Art et Liberté (art and liberty, jama’at al-fann wa al-hurriyyah). The exhibition presents more than 200 works from around 50 collections in 12 different countries, including paintings, works on paper, prints, photographs, films, books, and archival documents. At the dawn of World War II and during Egypt s colonial rule by the British Empire the surrealist collective of artists and writers was engaged in its defiance of Fascism, Nationalism and Colonialism.
Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen K20
Grabbeplatz 5
40213 Düsseldorf MORE
Review to a selection of earlier Events
09.2017ESHTEBAK (CLASH), Film
09.2017Auf den Spuren des „Englischen Patienten“: Forschungen in der Libyschen Wüste, Lecture
06.201725 Years Deutsch-Ägyptische Gesellschaft Köln e.V.
04.2017Desert-Worlds, Theme Day at RJM
03.2017RAMSES Göttlicher Herrscher am Nil (Exhibition)
03.2017Feminism Inshallah, Dokumentar-Film
10.2016Sinai, History & Background of an Peninsula, Lecture
07.2016Gestern dinierte ich am Ufer des Flusses in Gesellschaft eines Nilpferdes...“, Lecture
06.2016My name is not Ali
06.2016Al-khoroug lel-nahar -Coming Forth by Day, Film
05.2016Egitto, Sonderausstellung im Museum für Archeologie in Bologna
04.2016Strom – stream – Magra, egyptian-german Exhibition-Project
02.2016Egyptian-German excavations at the sun temple of Heliopolis, Lecture
10.2015The dirty business with antiquity; reading by the author
09.2015Film: Private revolutions: Young, Female, Egyptian
09.2015Spaces, Egyptian artists in Cologne
07.2015Theatre and political transformation in postrevolutionary Egypt, panel discussion
04.2015Egypt – Country of Immortality, Exhibition
01.2015Egypt- Gods, Humans, Pharaohs, Exhebition
10.2014Contending around water: Who owns the Nile? Lecture
09.2014Women in the working world of North Africa, Panel Discussion
09.2014FARSH WA GHATA (Rags and Tatters), Film
07.2014Saved from the floods of the reservoir – and now?”, Lecture
06.2014Cultural Tour London
04.2014The Department of DAI in the Third Reich, Lecture
03.2014Islam is Mercifulness, Lecture Prof. Dr. Khorchide
01.2014...ART WAR, Film
01.2014Fascination Egypt-Present excavations in the Temple of the Sun in Heliopolis, Lecture Dr. Raue
10.2013The Unrolling and Restoration of a Book of the Dead Papyrus (PapLiepsner. 18.Dyn.)
07.2013Cleopatra VII, Guided Tour and Lecture, Bonn
04.2013Cologne/Nile, guided tour in the Stadtmuseum Köln
03.2013In the Light of Amarna, Egyptian Museum Berlin
01.2013100 Years of Nefertiti, Lecture
10.2012100 years of women's movement in Egypt
08.2012Discover Egypt's treasures in the Historical Museum in Speyer
06.2012Anniversary Celebration „20 years Deutsch-Ägyptische Gesellschaft Köln e.V.“
05.2012Terror and Kebab, Film
04.2012Visit of the Egyptian Museum in Leipzig
01.2012Egypt after the National Elections
01.2012Tahrir 2011 - THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE POLITICIAN, Film
11.2011Postrevolution in Egypt
09.2011Special Exhibition: The egyptian Garden, Köln
08.2011GIZA-At the foot of the great pyramids , Hildesheim
04.2011"On the rooftops of Cairo", Documentary of Carmen Butta
01.2011Slide Presentation: The Egyptian Oasis and the Libyan Desert
12.2010Presentation: City and Temple of Elephantine
09.2010Trips to the Oasis and the Western Desert
07.2010Slide Presentation: Routes through the Western Deserts of Egypt
05.2010Visit to the Neuen Museums (New Museum) in Berlin
03.2010Presentation on the Neue Museum / Egyptian Collection in Berlin.
11.2009How hostile towards Islam is out social environment?
10.2009Aid towards the education of Egyptian physicians
04.2009Presentation on current development aid projects of the GTZ in Egypt
03.2009Trip to Central Egypt
02.2009Slide Presentation: Tales of an ancient Egyptian animal cemetery....
10.2008Presentation: The Koran at school.....
08.2008Guided Tour through the exhibition Ikhnaton and Amarna – Living in this World
06.2008Presentation: Dynamics of Conflict in the Near and Middle East.
04.2008Slide Presentation Cairo – Impressions and Views
02.2008Visit to the Mummy Exhibition in Stuttgart
01.2008Slide Presentation Encounter with the Past
11.2007Presentation: Obelisks - Sphinxes - Pyramids
09.2007Trip to Cairo
09.2007Presentation: Egypt in Motion – The end of Serenity?
05.2007Presentation Khaled Al-Maaly, Nagib Mahfus
12.2006Mithras cult in Roman Cologne
09.2006The Ottomans in Egypt (Part III)
03.2006Egypt in Greek-Roman Times (Part II)
12.2005Egypt under Persian Rule (Part I)
08.2005Egypt and the early Islamic Architecture
09.2004Pleased with Reform in Egypt – the new Family Law
02.2003Islamic Calligraphy
11.2001The Oasis Bahariya
02.2000The Temple of Horus in Edfu
08.1999Women in Islam
06.1997What is a Fatwa?