Schüler in Oberägypten Schüler in Oberägypten Schüler in Oberägypten

Egypt urgently requires skilled workers in all fields. Therefore the Deutsch-Ägyptische Gesellschaft (German-Egyptian Association) has made it an objective within the framework of its possibilities to sponsor education at vocational training centers and thereby contribute in facilitating a qualified start of a professional life for boys and girls between 15 and 18 years of age.

This takes place at a vocational training center with a „dual education system” as per the German example during an apprenticeship of three years. To facilitate this, small scholarships to the amount of 12.00 EURO per month (presently approx. 100,00 LE) are paid directly and without deduction of any administrative cost to the parents of students who are selected by the schools according to their needs and abilities.

The president of the “Federation of Egyptians with German Education” in Cairo guarantees smooth disbursement of the scholarships.

Participating presently is the „Fachschule für Feinmechanik und Elektronik“ (technical school for precision mechanics and electronics) in Cairo, Dar es-Salam.

Apart from taking over of a sponsorship over three years any one-time donations towards this purpose are highly welcome. Donation receipts are issued to this end. All donations are tax deductible. The donation account is: Deutsch-Ägyptische Gesellschaft Köln e.V., Account Nr. 4 620 070, Bank Code 370 605 90, Sparda-Bank West eG,
IBAN: DE33 3706 0590 0004 6200 70, BIC: GENODED1SPK.