Felukka auf dem Nil Felukka auf dem Nil Felukka auf dem Nil

The Deutsch-Ägyptische Gesellschaft Köln has conducted seven trips outside of the usual tourist routes.

The first trip took place in 1994 and was centered at the Achievements of modern Egypt, with visits to new research facilities.The second trip brought us through the Sinai; the third trip in 1997 had been devoted entirely to the Islamic architecture in Cairo, while the fourth trip in 2000 lead to largely unknown or often neglected sites in the Delta, with special consideration to the most recent excavations. The fifth trip 2007 was once again devoted to modern Egypt, among others Alexandria with its new library, the Sekem Farm with consequent consideration to organic cultivation of crops. Additionally there were then some Islamic monuments in Cairo accessible now after their renovation. The sixth trip led us in March 2009 to Minya in Central Egypt, with visits to Tel El Amarna, Beni Hassan, Hermopolis and the catacombs of the animal mummies of Tuna El-Gebel. The seventh trip in September 2010 went to the Western desert of Egypt with the Oasis Bahriya, Dachla and Charga.

If you wish to plan an individual trip to Egypt we would be pleased to give you the expert advice of well-seasoned travelers.

Additionally there are regular visits to German museums with collections of ancient Egypt as, up to now, Hildesheim, Munich, Leipzig and Berlin next to other European museums in London, Paris, Turin, Basel and Amsterdam.

These trips are supplemented by visits to special exhibitions, as up to now „Hatshepsut-Queen of Egypt“, Speyer 2002; „Egypt’s sunken treasures“ Berlin 2006 or „Saladin and the Crusaders“ Mannheim 2006, topped up by “Objects for Eternity” in Amsterdam 2007 and “Egyptian Mummies – Immortality in the Land of the Pharaohs.” in Stuttgart 2008.